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12 Working Days Before Christmas

H&S Bn, HQMC, Henderson Hall Active Duty Marines and Sailors can play "The 12 Working Days Before Christmas." Check on Facebook or Twitter at 11:30 am each workday from December 1 through December 18 to find clues to where the giveaway is. Look for us at the Pentagon December 14, A Ring, 2nd Deck, between Corridors 9 & 10. We have lots of goodies plus the chance to win some big prizes. Happy Holidays from MCCS!

Day 1: Friday, December 1

On the 12th Working Day Before Christmas, MCCS gave to me something for my cold feet! Hurry to the place on base where you'd buy a ring, but you must say…all the right things!

Day 2: Monday, December 4

On the 11th Working Day Before Christmas the Penguins gave to me, something cool from Legacy! Head over to the Marketing Studio for an artic challenge!

Day 3: Tuesday, December 5

On the 10th Working Day Before Christmas, this is where you go to build muscle, you gotta hurry over, you gotta hustle!

Day 4: Wednesday, December 6

On the 9th Working Day Before Christmas the Angry Birds tweeted to me. "Find us on base in a #tree!" (This clue will only be released on Twitter)

Day 5: Thursday, December 7

On the 8th Working Day Before Christmas, Gollum whispered to me "My Precious is hidden at Marine and Family!"

Day 6: Friday, December 8

On the 7th Working Day Before Christmas, Daffy quacked at me, "Stay Hydrated on your Journey!" Flap on over to MKTG for this 12WD Tourney!"

Day 7: Monday, December 11

On the 6th Working Day Before Christmas, Major Zembiec lost his cool. There are 10 Golden clues all around his pool!

Day 8: Tuesday, December 12

Day 9: Wednesday, December 13

Day 10: Thursday, December 14

Day 11: Friday, December 15

Day 12: Monday, December 18

On the last Working Day Before Christmas this one will have you in for a treat! Come to MKTG to prove your mind and your rhythm are on beat?