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EFMP Events and Workshops

Marine & Family Program (MFP) office is available Monday – Friday only by phone or email. MFP Center is closed until further notice with all staff at 100% Telework.

Workshops & Support Groups

Please register at least 1 day prior to event, unless otherwise stated, by emailing or by calling 703-693-5353.

The EFMP wishes to make our events accessible to persons of all abilities. If you need reasonable accommodations in order to fully participate in an event, please contact us. Unless otherwise noted, all programs consist of a workshop plus allotted time for family networking and support group. These events are a great opportunity to support one another by sharing experiences, resources, and lessons learned. EFMP staff will be on hand to address questions and concerns.

EFMP ABLE Accounts

EFMP Virtual Lunch and Learn

Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday • 11:30 am – 12:30 pm • Using Zoom Pro.

Please email Henderson Hall EFMP at for a link to a Zoom session and a PowerPoint on the selected topic.

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Story Time with Santa

Story Time with Santa

Friday, December 11 • 7:00 pm • Via Facebook.

Santa Claus will be reading “Polar Express”. Children and families are welcome to view it on

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Workshop & Support Group Descriptions:

Accessing Community Resources
Community resources are the businesses, public service institutions, and charitable organizations that provide assistance and services to local residents. Some organizations may support large groups while others target a smaller more specific group. Come and learn about accessing a wealth of resources available in the National Capital Region and how to find new resources when you PCS to a new location.

Building Networks of Support
Informal networks of support are people who are part of a family's social network like family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers or members of a faith-based community. Formal networks of support are typically individuals from organizations or agencies that provide help or a service to the family. Learn how to find resources and how to build a support system by sharing and networking with others who are dealing with the same challenging circumstances.

Early Intervention Overview
From birth to 5 years, a child should reach milestones in how he/she plays, learns, speaks and acts. A delay in any of these areas could be a sign of a developmental problem. The good news is, the earlier it’s recognized the more a child can be helped to reach his/her full potential. Learn how to spot developmental delays and what to do if you have a concern about your child.

EFMP Family Social/Support Group
Our EFMP Family Social is a time for the entire family to connect with others. Children will be able to participate in crafts and engage in other activities. While children are occupied, parents are given the opportunity to connect with each other and their Family Case Worker in order to share resources and to discuss relevant issues. This informal gathering allows parents to network with others who have family members with special needs. Learn and gain support by sharing experiences, information on services, resources, and lessons learned through successes and challenges.

Establishing Permanent Dependency
Learn what the basic qualifying criterion is for establishing an incapacitation status for a child within the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Learn what a dependency determination is and what documentation is needed. Learn what the ID card processing procedures are for incapacitated children over age 21.

Introduction to EFMP
What is the USMC Exceptional Family Member Program? Who is eligible and what are the benefits and requirements? How do you enroll in the program? This workshop will discuss why the EFMP exists, and how it can help you to support and advocate for your exceptional family member.

Managing Deployments
Join us for a brief about how to prepare for deployment. Learn about the resources and supports available for your family through your EFMP office.

Meet & Greet
Meet your Family Case Worker. Drop off paperwork. Meet other EFMP families. Learn more about EFMP and the resources available to you.

  • Meet your Family Case Worker
  • Drop off paperwork
  • Meet other EFMP families
  • Learn more about EFMP and the resources available to you
  • Children are welcome

Recreation Inclusion Opportunities
What does inclusion look like? Learn the laws regulating inclusion and what recreation opportunities are available for your family member in the area.

Respite Care
The Respite Care Reimbursement Program is available to eligible EFMP-enrolled families. This workshop covers the Respite Care Reimbursement Program guidelines, eligibility, and the application process. This is an essential briefing if you will be utilizing this USMC EFMP respite care subsidy program.

Service Animals
Learn the difference between service animals and therapy animals, installation regulations, and how to PCS with your service animal.

Special Education Overview
Are you new to the special education arena or just in need of a refresher on the basics of special education? Join us for a workshop on the need-to-know information on the special education process in order for you to be the best advocate for your child.

Special Needs Forum
A forum to address the issues and concerns of our families enrolled in the USMC Exceptional Family Member Program dealing with your installation. We hope to foster ideas, promote creativity, and solve problems with the outcome of greater coordination and collaboration in accessing quality support services for our families.

Successful Permanent Change Station (PCS) Transition
Planning is the key to making a smooth transition for your family during a PCS move, especially if you have a family member with special needs. This workshop will step you through the process of creating a timeline checklist, and provide information on useful resources, tips, and organizational tools that will help lessen the stress and anxiety of moving with a family member with special needs.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
SSI is a benefit available through the U.S. Social Security Administration. What is it, and who qualifies? This workshop will cover the SSI program guidelines, the application process, and more. The other part of this brief is on Medicaid. What is Medicaid? Who qualifies, and what is the application process?

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