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Personal Financial Management Program

The Personal Financial Management (PFM) Program provides training and education, counseling and consulting, and information and referral to commands, service members, and military families.

The PFM Program assists by increasing personal and family financial knowledge and readiness, contributing to the operational readiness of the Marines’ commands. Focusing initially on first-term Marines, the PFM Program mission is to impart knowledge and skills in all facets of basic financial management to include managing monthly income, expenses, savings and credit, as well as consumer rights and protections, with the goal of achieving individual and family financial goals and objectives. In addition, the PFM Program provides knowledge and insights in the basics of purchasing or leasing a car, renting or buying a home, managing personal risks through insurance products, understanding the potential for return and risk in investments, and the financial implications of transition to civilian life.

The PFM Program is especially sensitive to the situations and needs of Marines experiencing financial hardship. The PFM Program is well-integrated with other key programs in the Marine and Family Programs, with Family Readiness Officers, and with the Wounded Warrior Regiment.

A list of classes related to the mission may be found on the Financial Topics page.

The Personal Financial Management Program provides:

  • Classes and individual tutorials on all financial topics in the USMC standard curriculum for Personal Financial Management. Schedule a class for yourself or a PME for your squad, platoon, or company, or office staff.
  • Counseling and consultations on all facets of personal financial management (See Note 1). Schedule a Consultation. (See Note 2)
  • Information and teferral for questions related to personal finances. Email a Request for Financial Information.
Note 1: The Personal Financial Management Staff strengths lie in basic individual and family economics. Core proficiencies are teaching and analyzing income, expenses, use of revolving and installment credit, savings, and basic investments and investing. Core proficiencies also include consumer awareness and protections, car buying, housing options, education funding, basic insurance, banking and financial services, debt management, and financial planning for active duty contingencies (an impending PCS move, deployment of a spouse and family separation, planning for transition, and other major life events while on active duty). The PFM staff has basic but not advanced proficiencies in individual taxes and retirement planning. While the staff is conversant with legal affairs such as wills and powers of attorney, all such questions, as well as DUI, contracts, divorce, wills and trusts are referred to the Legal Assistance office.

Note 2: All information shared during these meetings is covered by the Privacy Act and is treated with the strictest confidence. Information is NEVER released to a third party without a request from and the signed consent of person whose information is requested

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