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Annual & Semi-Annual PFM Forums for Command Representatives

SECNAVINST 1740.4 of 9 Oct 2007 requires the installation PFM to have formal interaction with the local Commands’ leadership on two levels, several times a year. Quarterly meetings are to be conducted for Senior Staff Non-commissioned Officers; semi-annual meetings are to be conducted for Commanders and Senior Staff.

Enclosure (3) to the instruction states the requirements as follows:

Quarterly Area-wide Awareness Meetings for Senior Staff Noncommissioned Officers
“Hold an area-wide PFM awareness forum/meeting at least quarterly to discuss PFM issues. At a minimum, the following personnel should be invited: Senior Enlisted Advisors, Command Financial specialists, and Command Career Counselors/Career Planners. Meeting reports (minutes) shall be provided to cognizant commanding officers.”

Semi-annual Information Meetings for Commanders and Senior Staff
“Conduct, at least semi-annually, an informational seminar for area command leaders that provides an introduction and overview of PFM program services, assistance, and initiatives."

Given the dispersion of the supported commands, the objective is to balance the spirit of the Instruction with the realities of the distances between area commands and each command’s OPTEMPO. The concept is to schedule brief meetings at each Command to focus on personal financial management policies, initiatives, requirements, and opportunities. Topics that will be recurring discussion items are:

  • Review of PFM Support to the Command (Classes, Consultations, I&R; support to Unit CFSs)
  • PFM Training for Marines Reporting to Command as their First Permanent Duty Station
  • Status of Command Financial Specialist Training
  • Trends in Basic Money Management (Income, Expenses, Savings, and Credit)
  • Trends in Credit, particularly Credit Card Balances & Student Loans, also Credit Reports and Credit Scores.
  • Trends in Saving & Investing with Emphasis on TSP, IRAs, and Understanding the Nature of “Risk”
  • Annual Military Saves Campaign

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