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Command Financial Specialists

The Command Financial Specialist Program is a formal program described in SECNAVINST 1740.4 of 9 October 2007. The directive requires that all commands appoint senior enlisted personnel to collateral duties as Command Financial Specialists, that the appointment be made in writing, and that the PFM programs at the installation level provide direct support to the Command Financial Specialists. The directive describes the process for providing required personal financial management training to the persons appointed as CFS’s.

The full text of the directive is provided at this link:


The Command Financial Specialist Program is described in one of the classes in the recently issued Marine Corps Standardized Curriculum for Personal financial Management. The script of the class and the accompanying PowerPoint slides are at the following links, respectively:

  Introduction to the Command Financial Specialist Program Script

  Introduction to the Command Financial Specialist Program PowerPoint

Review the Official Qualifications, Functions, and Training as specified in SECNAVINST 1740.4 of 9 Oct 07 at this link Enclosure (2) to SECNAVINST 1740.4

Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Classes at Henderson Hall
The required CFS course requires a full week of classes and workshops. The next scheduled CFS classes at Henderson Hall are at this link: Schedule of Henderson Hall Brown Bag Classes & Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Classes

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