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Financial Topics

U.S. Marine Corps Standard Curriculum for Personal Financial Management

The U.S. Marine Corps Standard Curriculum for Personal Financial Management is comprised of 26 core information classes. The list of classes in the standard curriculum and the approximate length of the class is at FINANCIAL TOPICS. The entire curriculum is on a CD and is available from the “PFM” at Henderson Hall. Each class folder consists of the PowerPoint slides, an excellent script, and appropriate handouts to assist in the instruction. The USMC Standard Curriculum is self-paced study.

Outline of USMC Standard Curriculum for Personal Financial Management

  • Getting Organized (to be issued)
  • Overview of Personal Financial Management, Counseling and Planning (to be issued)
  • Resources (to be issued)
  • Overview of Personal Financial Management (to be issued)
  • Military Pay, Allowances and Benefits
  • Managing Income, Expenses, Savings and Credit
  • Credit and Debt Management
  • Saving and Investing
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Taxes Related to Personal Financial Management
  • Insurance
  • Legal Issues of Personal Financial Management
  • Car Buying
  • Financial Planning for Your Move
  • Housing Options
  • Financial Planning for Family Separation and Reunion
  • Major Life Events and Financial Challenges
  • Time Value of Money
  • Funding Educational Costs
  • Raising Financially Fit Children
  • Financial Planning for Your Transition
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Introduction to the Command Financial Specialist Program (to be issued)
  • Becoming a Personal Financial Trainer/Counselor (to be issued)

  See USMC Standard Curriculum for Personal Financial Management

Eight In-depth Classes or Tutorials
The following 8 classes are based on the USMC standard curriculum and include material from accredited financial counseling and financial planning references. These are the basic classes used in the PFM’s Brown bag Classes at Henderson Hall.

  1. Personal Financial Management & Financial Planning
  2. Personal Credit: Credit Worthiness, Reports, Scores, and Management
  3. Consumer Awareness: Best Personal Practices vs. Frauds, Scams, and Unwise Purchases
  4. Strategies for Car Buying
  5. Home Buying & Mortgages
  6. Investing: Basics of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, TSP, & Compound Interest
  7. Begin Confident Investing in Index Mutual Funds
  8. Planning for Retirement: From Active Duty; then, For Good

For a summary of each class, click on:

  Schedule of Henderson Hall Brown Bag Classes & Command Financial Specialist (CRS)

The PFM provides persons attending a class or tutorial or individual consultation session a copy of the “Henderson Hall Personal Financial Management CD.” The CD has 500+ MB of financial information and worksheets. Be the first on your block to get one !!!

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