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Marine & Family Program (MFP) office is available Monday – Friday only by phone or email. MFP Center is closed until further notice with all staff at 100% Telework.

Automobile Information for VA, DC, AND MD

District of Columbia: Annual inspection and registration: (202) 727-5000.

Maryland: Automobiles must pass inspection at any authorized service station. Vehicle registration is at any Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration office. Driver’s License information: (301)729-4550. County stickers are not required in Maryland.

Virginia: Annual inspection is at any authorized station. Registration is through Division of Motor Vehicles (703)761-4655. Driver’s License information: (703)761-4655. County/Municipality Registration: Various Virginia jurisdictions require registration for residents. Stickers or tags are issued upon payment of county/city property taxes. Military residents of these areas who do not claim official residency are exempt from personal property tax. However, you must obtain a valid sticker or tag for a nominal fee.

National Capital Region Transit Benefit Program

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