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Military and Family Life Counselor Program

The Military and Family Life Counselor Program (MFLC) is designed to provide increased access to counseling for Service Members and their families, and works with existing military and family support programs to complement the services provided by the Behavioral Health Branch and Marine and Family Programs at Henderson Hall. MFLC Counselors provide brief, non-medical counseling services to help military service members and their families understand the impact of deployments, family reunions following deployments and other stresses related to military life. Services include individual, couple, and family counseling services that are supportive in nature. Services may be provided son or off the military installation. With the exception of child abuse, domestic abuse and duty to warn situations services are private and confidential.

Life Skills and Military Lifestyle topics may include: Anger management, Communication, Relationship issues, Conflict resolution, Parenting, Decision-making skills, Deployment stress, Coping skills, Homesickness, Relocation adjustment, Reintegration, Separation, Building resiliency, Sadness, Grief and loss.

To schedule an appointment with an MFLC Counselor, please call them directly at 703-414-9885. MFLC Counselors are available for appointment during business hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments with MFLCs are available after business hours upon request.