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Rules and Regulations

Patrons and guests under the age of 15 welcome Monday – Friday 8 – 11 AM & 1 – 4 PM.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All Patrons must comply with the directions of the lifeguards and the Pool Management. Patrons must comply with all posted signage. Failure to comply with these rules is grounds for immediate dismissal from the pool facility and/or banning from the facility at the Management’s discretion.
  2. Active Duty Personnel hold priority access to facility and equipment usage.
  3. Open swim or usage of the main pool by patrons and guests under the age of 15 is restricted to 0800-1100 and 1300-1600 during weekday operations. Open swim and usage of the main pool is authorized to all patrons during weekend operations when applicable.
  4. A parent, or adult over 18, must sign in and actively supervise any person under the age of 15. Patrons under the age of 12 must complete a swim test administered by pool staff. Patrons under the age of 12 may not go beyond the 6 ft. depth mark without a supervising adult in the water with them. Supervision is limited to 3 individuals per supervising adult. Children that have not been potty trained may not enter main pool.
  5. Non-swimmers are prohibited from entering water depths above their shoulders without USCG approved life vests. USCG approved life vests are required wear for children who cannot swim. A parent, or adult over 18, must enter the water with non-swimmer children and be within arm’s reach. Children wearing flotation devices are not permitted in water deeper than 6 ft.
  6. Authorized patrons over the age of 18 are allowed to sign in guests. The authorized patron is responsible for their guests conduct, will remain with, and supervise their guests at all times during their visit. Guests are limited to 3 individuals per authorized patron.
  7. No pets are allowed in the facility. Guide and service animals are permitted.
  8. Only proper and clean attire may be worn in the pool facility. Clothing that is overly revealing, displays obscene imagery, or bears profanity is strictly prohibited. Management reserves the right dismiss or ban patrons from the facility should they fail to comply with the dress code.
  9. Lockers are provided to patrons for use during the patrons visit only unless otherwise authorized by the management. The Aquatics Program and its affiliates are not liable for loss and/or theft of property.
  10. Patrons must shower before entering the pool. Persons with or showing evidence of communicable diseases or open sores and cuts will not be permitted in the pool area. Spitting, urinating, or otherwise contaminating the pool is prohibited.
  11. Glass items are forbidden within the pool enclosure. Bringing or throwing any object into the pool that may in any way cause contamination, endanger the safety of bathers, or produce unsightliness is prohibited.
  12. Eating, drinking, or smoking in the pool or on the pool deck is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited inside the pool enclosure. Any patron showing signs of inebriation will be asked to leave the facility.
  13. Diving is allowed in designated areas only. Aquatics Staff may restrict or prohibit diving pertinent to the requirements of the program.
  14. Lap Lanes are reserved for lap swimming only. All other usage is restricted to designated recreational areas as authorized by Aquatics Staff. Hanging or resting on the lap lane lines is restricted.
  15. Running, pushing, shoving, boisterous behavior, rough play, or foul and abusive language is strictly prohibited at all times.
  16. Any type of personal floatation devices except USCG approved devices, are prohibited. The use of bulky floatation devices is prohibited. Inflatable items are prohibited.
  17. Usage of pool cardio, aerobic, and training equipment is open to use by adult patrons for fitness purposes. Usage of pool cardio, aerobic, and training equipment is prohibited for children due to safety concerns. Use of personal pool noodles is restricted to adult fitness/training purposes only.
  18. Aquatics staff reserves the right to restrict usage of both facility and private equipment or toys pertinent to the requirements of the program. Authorized private equipment/toys are kickboards, flippers, snorkels, goggles, USCG approved vest, and drive rings/sticks. Water guns and/or similar items are prohibited.
  19. Climbing on lifeguard chairs or tampering with emergency lifesaving equipment is prohibited.
  20. No fraternizing with lifeguards allowed. Harassment of Aquatics Staff or other patrons is prohibited.
  21. Photography that has not been sanctioned is prohibited.
  22. Patrons whose actions pose a threat to other patrons, staff, equipment, and/or the facility will be dismissed and/or banning from the facility at the Management’s discretion.