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SACC Prevention

Why Prevention? SACC Henderson Hall believes that Prevention is the key to fulfilling CMC’s intent of “Getting Marines” (to do the right thing) before they “get themselves” (in trouble). To that end, SACC seeks to assist Marines to “Protect What You’ve Earned.” SACC accomplishes this through deployment of an aggressive outreach and prevention program that includes tailored training based on assessment of each individual command's needs. Presented on a rotating basis at the unit and section level, this helps ensure broad-based coverage a minimum of once a year. Prevention Education include provision of the Prime For Life 4.5-hour curriculum. SACC also supports the CMC-directed Unit Marine Awareness & Prevention Integrated Training (UMAPIT) annual training requirement. Thematic events such as the WRAP SOBERIDE program, the annual Red Ribbon Campaign, and our annual "101 Days of Summer Sense Safety Campaign" also constitute important elements of our prevention effort. SACC also places special emphasis on the availability of such "diversionary" programs as lifelong learning, fitness training, and volunteer efforts as a viable means of combating potential substance abuse "trigger" situations. Should you desire to become a "part of the solution" by scheduling SACC to come out and give a presentation to your Marines and assigned Sailors, please call (703) 614-8961.

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