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School Liaison Program

The Henderson Hall Marine Corps School Liaison is here to serve military families, commands, schools and the community located in the National Capital Region. The program provides support for transitioning students in grades K-12 due to the mobile military lifestyle:

  • Information on local schools (public, private and charter)
  • Homeschooling requirements
  • Marines Mentoring Program
  • Special Education (Check out for additional support on this topic)
  • High School graduation requirements
  • Post-secondary preparation
  • Tutoring resources – see flyer
  • Military Interstate Children's Compact (The Compact addresses key educational transition issues encountered by military families including enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility and graduation.)

Drive, Grab & Go - Back-To-School Event

Drive, Grab & Go - Back-To-School Event

Tuesday, September 1 • 10:00am - 1:00pm • Bldg. 12, Henderson Hall.

Free backpacks & supplies at Joint Base Ft. Myer Henderson-Hall, Henderson Hall side, Bldg. 12 next to the pool. Masks required!

For more information:, 703-693-8378.

See Flyer Register Here

MCX March Sale – Warrior Spirit

New social distancing activities to celebrate Month of the Military Child

Pamper Your Palate with Purple Week.
There are numerous recipes for purple foods available on the Internet. They range from as simple as adding purple food coloring to a dish to using naturally purple ingredients such as grapes or berries. Families are encouraged to prepare purple foods together and post pictures on social media. Persons posting materials are encouraged to tag DESE and MIC3 and to use the hashtag.

Read a Good Book Week.
Parents or older siblings are encouraged to read a military-related children’s book to younger children. Pictures may be taken and posted on social media. Videos of the actual reading of the book should not be posted in order to avoid copyright infringement. However, a video describing the book would be acceptable. Persons posting materials are encouraged to tag DESE and MIC3 and to use the hashtag. A partial list of military-related children’s books can be found here.

MCX March Sale – Warrior Spirit

Earth Day – Eco Art Challenge

Tuesday, April 21 • 8:00 am • Smith Gym, Henderson Hall.

Seeking Marine and civilian volunteers! For more information and to register please call School Liaison: 703-693-8378.

See Flyer (coming soon)