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Victim Advocate

Marine Corps Victim Advocate provide information, guidance and support to victims. They are first responders. Specifically trained Victim Advocates will respond to incidents of domestic violence or sexual assault 24/7, but may also be contacted during working hours by anyone with questions or concerns.

Self-Assessment for Relationship Violence

Do any of the following describe your current or past relationships?

  • My partner is extremely jealous or controlling. S/he accuses me of cheating or keeps me from work/school/church/friends. I feel cut off from friends or family. S/he constantly calls/texts to check up on me.
  • Sometimes I feel afraid or scared. My partner intimidates me by breaking things or threatens to hurt me or someone I care about.
  • My partner tries to make me feel bad about myself. S/he puts me down, calls me names, or criticizes me.
  • My partner physically fights me - hitting, pushing, or shoving.
  • My partner has strangled me.
  • My partner has forced me to have sex when I haven't wanted to.
  • I have done these things to my partner.

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